Introduction To Image Analysis

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Let’s look at what we’ve got inside this course.

  • You will start playing with images. It introduces the OpenCV library (Open Computer Vision Library) and shows you how to build simple applications that can read and display images. It also introduces the basic OpenCV data structures.
  • Next you will look at manipulating pixels. It describes different methods for scanning an image in order to perform an operation on each pixel.
  • After that you will process the colors of an image. Here it consists of videos presenting various object that can help you to build better computer vision applications. It also discusses the concept of colors and images.
  • Finally you will be counting the pixels with histograms. It will show you how to compute image’s histogram and how they can be used to modify an image. Different applications based on histograms are presented.

This course is appropriate for a novice C++ programmer who wants to learn how to use the OpenCV library to build computer vision applications.

This course is based on the C++ API of the OpenCV the library is therefore assumed that you have some experience with the C++ language in order to run the examples presented in the videos and experiment with them.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!